Thursday, January 16, 2014

Open or Closed: Teen Bedroom Door Policy

Many of us have heard of an "open door" policy. Your boss at work may have this policy to encourage employees to come to them with any issues. But what about an "open door" policy when it comes to your teens?

I grew up with all sisters and in our house we had a very strict rule about our bedroom doors. If we had a boy in our room our doors HAD to be open. There were no exceptions, ever,  for any reason.

Now I am still a good 7+ years aways from having to deal with these kinds of things in my house, but it's never too early to think about it.  Does an "open door" policy tell your teen that you do not trust them? Will an open door just make your teen take it somewhere else? Or does it provide your teen with a safe place and a reminder of what is acceptable behavior?

I am going to be honest here, despite the open door policy we had at home, I still managed to find places to have make-out sessions.

What is your opinion? 
Are open door policies fro teens too strict? 
Or are closed doors too lenient? 
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  1. Growing up I was not allowed to have any boys in my room. But when my sisteters got older they were able to but door had to stay open. Yea.. i know not fair! lol but i believe i will do the same for my girls. I don't think its strict. For me it taught me about respect for myself and not to just let anyone in my personal/private space....just dreading the day i will have to worry about it. :/

    1. No boys at all!! Wow, I thought I had it bad. But I totally feel you. We are dreading the day.


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