Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet The 30 Year Old Party Girl...

If you knew me in my 20s, really knew me, we partied together; and we partied hard. Why?

1) I was a Gaucho (renowned party school). UCSB students practically receive dual degrees. One in their field of academic study and one in partying.
2) I was a Sigma (cutest sorority girls on campus). 
3. I was in Hermanas Unidas (we mastered the art of house parties - true story!).

For those reasons and many, many more... partying was very much a part of my 20s. I could keep up with the best of them. Danced on the speaker box, wore the shortest skirt known to mankind combined with wicked high heels. I drank grown men under any table. I traveled, lived and loved to the max. Pura Vida.

Now in my 30s, I've imagined the life of the party girl inside me and for a moment I try to bring the glory days back. Then a millisecond passes and I am reminded this 30 year old "party girl" is nothing like the 20 year old I once knew.


Partying in your 30s is exhausting. Chances are you've grown up in life. You've got mouths to feed and a reputation to maintain. Nowadays if I muster the strength to broker deals for a babysitter (or two) who is willing to wrangle three small children I'm usually not gone long enough to make it worth my while. When in my 20s partying entailed raging until the sun literally peaked over the horizon. Now I can't wait to hear the 1:30am last call to rush my tail over to Denny's where I immediately load up on hot wings and diet coke. Yeah, not the after party of yesteryear. 

Thirty year olds are lightweights. Hope I don't get divorced over this one, but my husband and I just can't hang like we used to. I barely drink and when he does I swear it's like babysitting a college freshman drinking wine coolers for the first time. We're just not able to hang like in our glory days and that trip to Denny's can't come fast enough. Sorry hubby, you know it's true.

Thirty year olds are cheap. Gone are the days of frivolous spending on bottle service and Vegas binges. Today I find myself haggling poor bartenders hoping to score  2-for-1 deals. What happened to the carefree spending of my 20s? Oh that's right! I'm a momma who rather spend beer money on diapers. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Thirty year old's dress codes have changed. Man, I remember the outfits of my twenties... Tight, bright and barely there. Yes, this momma of three isn't getting caught dead wearing those looks no matter how many squats I do in a week. I'm thrilled when it's "jeans and a nice top" going around via group text for a girls' night out. I've traded in the little black dresses for "dressy flats!" Scary, but so true. However, be warned, this 30 year old woman can still pull off sexy! 

Once we all raged in the decade of our careless years and whether those were our 20s or for others their 30s... We all evolve and partying just isn't what it used to be once a decade or so has passed.

And this HerMama is quite fine with that! Can you relate? How's your social life changed? 

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