Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping a Family on Track Using Weekly Meetings

The new year is well underway and hopefully many have been able to stick to their resolutions. In my family, we set annual goals instead of resolutions. We actually get pretty excited setting goals every year. Though we know the excitement and newness of annual goal-setting can fade. This year we decided to come up with a way to stay on track using weekly family meetings.

Our family meets every Tuesday night. My husband, 7 year old son and I each plan a fun family activity. We kick off this family night with a weekly check-in. A goal review, if you will. At this check-in we share personalized sheets like the one pictured here:

Like shown on my son's sheet, we each look at our goal accomplishments for the last week and measure how well we've done towards annual goals. Some of these goals are for the entire family (i.e. church, reading, community service) while others are personal. And believe it or not my son does have showering 4 times per week as his goal. Yes, for a grade-schooler bathing frequently can sometimes be a challenge and an area where improvement is much needed.    

Overall, we've had a great time staying on track and using weekly meetings/check-in sheets. What I love about this plan is how we're all working together to reach group and individual goals. Together, we stay focused on success and growth. Plus, we're holding each other accountable in a pretty straight-forward and consistent way. 

We also reserve the right to hold emergency family meetings. Just yesterday morning my oldest kiddos were fighting and I quickly gathered our family of five around the living room. Everyone had to stop what they were doing to gather, like it or not. It's important to come together and say "hey remember our goal to show kindness often and operate from love... we appear to be having a hard time this particular morning and need to re-focus." A meeting quickly grabs everyone's attention and gets us all back on track.  

Family meetings have been a great team strategy for us. Truth be told, I like the idea of my own actions being reviewed weekly. Just like I expect to hold my kids accountable to their goals, I want to be held accountable to my own. For instance, exercise (4 x weekly) is noted on my personalized sheet and I want to make sure it gets done. If not, then the next week I re-engage, stay focused and reach this goal using the family meeting as a deadline. Moreover, I know my children are watching, and well, I want to show them that I can and should accomplish goals just like they can.

In the end, 2014 is off to a great start. We know through one-on-one date nights, weekly family check-ins and annual goal-setting we're all closer to being the best family we can be. Not a perfect family, but a loving and always evolving unit of one. 

 How do you keep your new year's resolutions/goals within reach all year long? 
Would a weekly check-in work for your family, too?
Share your strategies and comment below.


  1. Wonderful! Proverbs 29:18 says Where there is no vision, the people perish. You clearly have a vision for the type of little big people you are raising!

    1. Very, very true.... vision is so critical!


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