Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fitspiration: Make workouts FUN!

Last night my daughter arrived home immediately asking to DANCE. This has become a nightly norm and is the most beautiful sight. Even better, my husband danced with her for the better part of an hour. She just swayed while he actually worked up a sweat! What a wonderful time to bond and exercise.

Our little lady took a while to warm of to Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii. I'm sure she was taken back by mom, dad and big brother suddenly breaking out into a sweaty dance routine  (45 to 90 minutes, every night). I wanted to workout and somehow incorporate fun and family into my routine. This video game workout strategy worked!

Dance-off Time
Since Christmas, my husband and I have been actively working out using our video game console. Exercise and family-fun go hand-in-hand with the Just Sweat component of the Just Dance video game for Wii (also available on other consoles). Even our toddlers want in on the action.

Since Just Dance was such a hit, I purchased a workout-intensive Wii game by Gold's Gym. Now this is one we don't want the children playing full-out since it's meant for adults can actually be strenuous. Luckily there are fun learning drills kids can do (not meant as workouts). This goes without saying, but the actual workouts referred to in this post only apply to adults.

Currently, my husband and I are able to complete fun and convenient workouts multiple times per week. If you have any game console at your disposal, try incorporating dance or cardio games and watch the FUN unfold in your home, too. And if need be, make shedding unwanted Lbs. fun.

Other fun family-friendly workouts:

1. Hiking: pushing a 40lb. double stroller has surely added to the intensity of our workouts. So mom and dad get in a brisk hike while the little ones simply explore the sights in nature. Weather-permitting, hiking is the go-to workout. Perfect for weekends and easy to do since it's always FREE!

2. Swimming: strap on the floaties and let the kids splash around while you actually incorporate laps into your recreational swimming. Make swimming a game. Create a record that must be broken. Have kids cheer you on and even make encouraging signs/posters while you get in those essential laps. Anything can be turned into a game with kids. They don't need to exert themselves counting or timing, but you should as you're swimming and "setting records" for fun! 

3. Stop Driving: brisk walks everywhere can make a difference in anyone's exercise regimen. If anything, your body and spirit feel better after a  long, brisk walk. Let the kiddos ride (on strollers, bikes or scooters) while you walk, run or jog a.k.a keep up. 

These suggestions work for anyone (with kids or not). Truth be told, the only thing consistent about all of these suggestions is that working out can be free to low-cost and fun for EVERYONE involved. No excuses allowed! In our case, so we have three kids,  but we still workout. We are busy, but we still workout. We can't get to the gym, but we still workout! All it takes is a little creativity, but the answer should always end in "we still WORKOUT!

How do you make working out fun and get it done, no excuses?
If you haven't joined us there's still time, so jump in and get moving in the month of January!

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  1. My daughter has Dance Kids 2 and we often "workout" together. I find doing yoga is another fun activity!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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