Friday, January 31, 2014

Current Obsessions

The first month of 2014 is already behind us. We hope the new year is treating you well! As usual here are the things that we currently are obsessing over.


1. Target Clearance Items - I am literally typing this from a Target parking lot. Now that's an obsession! I love Target deals post-Christmas! I've scored everything from a brief case that was 70% off to kids shoes 2 for 10 bucks! Today, I purchased two books and spent less than $20 on both (one hardback and one best-seller)! Score!

2. Post-it notes: this is an annual obsession just ask any one of my co-workers. I truly rev. up post-it use in January! Something about the new year has me writing everything down. I even catalogue previously used post-its! I'm truly obsessed.

3. Family Goals - we have weekly check-ins in my home all based on our annual goals. Due to this weekly meeting, I am now obsessed with everyone's goals. It's gotten somewhat crazy micromanaging everyone's goal completion. Then again, nothing's wrong with ensuring one kid did his Spanish lesson, the other did a reading lesson, mom worked out and dad planned a fun family night. I've been obsessed with our goals and hope to keep this up well into the new year!


1. American Authors: this new band is like all my favorite folky, indie, hipster type bands got together to create a perfect music baby. And their hit song, "Best Day of My Life" is a super bubbly and happy song. It is the perfect song to start your day, or give yourself a pick-me-up during the day. I swear this song is almost better than coffee. 

2. Love Me With Lies Series: I asked a friend to recommend a book and she pointed me toward this book trilogy by Tarryn Fischer. I went in expecting it to be good because my pal has great taste in books. I didn't expect to be completely consumed by the story and characters. I finished all 3 books in less than 3 days. If you are a Twilight, or even 50 Shades fan you need to pick up/download these books.

3. La Santa Cecilia:  I know another band, blame it on the Grammy's. I heard about this Los Angeles based band a few years ago. Over the last few weeks it seems like they were everywhere. First my Dad texted me to see if I knew that band because him and my Mom were going to a show. Then I heard they were nominated for a Grammy. Then I saw a poster for a free show on Olvera Street, and then they won a Grammy! This band is a beautiful mix of rock and roll, uplifting cumbias and heart wrenching rancheras. Their latest album "Trienta Dias" is perfection.  

So tell us.....
what are you currently obsessed with? 

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