Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boom Boom Cards- Do Good and Pass It On

When I first heard someone mention "Boom Boom Cards" I thought they were something you find in the back section of a Spencer's Gifts. After I got my mind out of the gutter I realized that these cards are all about passing around random acts of kindness.

The idea is simple. A deck of cards comes with 26 cards and each card has a random act of kindness to do. Here are a few examples from the original deck of Boom Boom Cards.
  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee  
  • Ignore your phone ringing or beeping during a conversation with someone. 
  • Write someone a letter with actual pen on paper
Such simple acts of kindness that can really make a person's day. Boom Boom cards go even beyond random acts of kindness. These cards are designed to pass on.fter you complete the task on the card you pass it on to someone else to do. You can also track each card online. It is like a game that you can play with the whole world! On the website you enter the code on your card and as it gets passed on and entered by other people you can actually see your gesture of kindness being passed on. How awesome is that? A map that shows kindness being spread across the world!

There are a few different decks to choose from. Each deck comes with 26 card with their own custom ID number and a way to keep track on your acts of kindness.

  • Original Deck: 26 cards to help you spread kindness. $9.99
  • Teen Deck: Acts of kindness geared for the teenage crowd, like make a playlist to inspire and motivate and give it to someone who needs it.  $9.99
  • Green Deck: 26 cards with good deeds to help protect and help the environment. $9.99
  • Family Deck: A great way to bring your family together as well as a command center to keep track of your progress. There are also discussion cards to keep your family talking and blank cards for your family to make up their own good deed! $14.99

This is such a fantastic idea to help spread kindness in your life. You can even find "Everyday Boom Boom" virtual cards for free on their website! 

What do you think about the idea of Boom Boom Cards?
How do you spread kindness in your life? 

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