Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year, Another 31- Day Fitness Challenge! created a successful 31 day challenge back in May of 2013. The challenge was simple and we're still receiving kuddos and amazing updates from women and men who took us up on the challenge. The rules were so easy and folks simply got moving. We worked out, ate better and together got healthier! 

As we kick off 2014, plenty of people want to get in the best shape of their lives. So why not do it together? In fact, I dare you! In my experience, it's group accountability and shared inspiration that allow for individual success. I myself lost 50+ lbs about two years ago. When I'm asked how I did it the answer is simple... "I ate better and worked out!"  But the real bonus? I did it with friends. I joined two workout groups at the park and had two-three friends and a trainer (cheap since we split the bill) holding me accountable for every session. 

Let do the same for you. Join this challenge by committing to one of the three suggested plans shown below (and make sure to combine workouts with healthy food choices). 

Here's the real kicker: everyday after you've completed your workout leave a comment on this post or our Facebook fanpage telling us what you've accomplished (i.e workout A done, drank 8 glasses or water, made sure to have three balanced meals and two healthy snacks!).  

Possible workouts (plucked right from pinterest):

Workout A 

Workout B
Workout C
Or create your own workout plan & tell us about it in the comment section below!

Helpful suggestions: try alternating above workouts to avoid boredom and psych out your bod! Make sure to modify workouts as needed making them realistic for your workout level (beginner to advance) and if you don't know what a workout listed is (i.e wall sits) simply You Tube it (no excuses, here)!

Whatever you decide, decide today and start today! We'd love to begin receiving a windfall of comments from those of you committed to making 2014 your healthiest year YET! Keep in mind, healthy means something different for everyone and we're here to support EVERYONE! We encourage any and everyone to join's 31-day fitness challenge for January 2014 and have your friends and family join us, too! 

Still unsure about taking us up on this challenge, take a look back here and read about amazing success stories from the first ever 31-day fitness challenge. 


  1. One hour of just dance cardio done and done! Even if I go at this challenge alone I'm on it!

  2. I'm going to try this too but starting tomorrow ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Great job! Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to your daily check-ins!

  4. 60 mins. workout DONE on 1/1 and 1/2! Looking forward to another hour dance session on Just Sweat, Just Dance tonight. Who else is in?

  5. Workout C and walk done yesterday and today ;) my thighs are burning!

  6. I'm late...but I've been doing my cardio everyday, weights every other day and drinking that water! But I do have to say that drinking that much water is super hard on me!


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