Monday, December 23, 2013

What's on your agenda while kids are on winter break?

My son gets a whole two weeks off school for winter break. I know not every parent gets the equivalent of time off but with the time you have there's much to accomplish. After all, who wants to be attacked by the constant "I'm borrreedd" nagging fiasco?

This holiday break try some of the following:

1. Grab Frozen Yogurt, Hot Chocolate and a Good Book. This is an easy outing, but my kiddo loves all of the above. Plus with all the spending around the holidays, a low cost outing is great for parent and child(ren). 

2. Ice Skating. This is a great winter outing. I just nabbed a groupon for ice skating for two with shoe rentals included for only ten bucks! That is a deal and so much fun. Make sure to dress warm... mittens, beanies, earmuffs and you're set!

3. Visit the Snow. With so many local mountains within a short two hour (or less) drive, this is always a great day outing. Grab your sleds, warm and waterproof gear and everything you need to make a snow trip fun and efficient. For instance, s'mores would go great for a local snow trip (don't forget a small grill for roasting). 

4. Bundle up and get moving. Try a scenic hike, a walk on the beach or even a new neighborhood. What's a great plus for a neighborhood walk? Find a community known for their Christmas light displays. Believe it or not you can use to find great spots. We have a neighborhood in LA know as Candyland where there's everything from kids selling hot cocoa and cookies on the sidewalk to Santa Claus hanging out on front lawns. So get moving and see the beautiful holiday sights while you're at it!

5. Roadtrip. You don't have to go too far for kiddos to feel like they're roadtrippin'! Pick relatives/friends to visit out of town and get on the road. Pack your overnight bag full of essentials and that's that. You get both a fun roadtrip with music, fun chats and games and it all ends with a nice sleepover. There's noting better than staying up late by the fire hanging in some jammies!

So there are five winter break outing ideas! 
Share yours too...

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