Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Detox

If I have another bite of cornbread stuffing I'm likely to explode.

Over the recent four-day thanksgiving break I've had my fix of all the deliciousness that is typical of Thanksgiving: Turkey, Ham, Baked Mac N Cheese, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie and so much more. Yes, for me Thanksgiving eating lasted four days. Many of you might demonstrate self-control and only indulge on Thanksgiving day, but I suspect most are like me and enjoyed feasting for days on end. Yet, the feast should and must eventually come to an end. At some point we all need to come out of the food coma that is Thanksgiving! So when you're ready, try the following tips to detox your body and get back into a healthy and moderate meal time routine. 

Drink up. Start your day with a large glass of water. You're likely retaining a ton of salt and all those holiday sweets don't help your cause. After your first glass, spread the H2O consumption throughout your day. Aim to have about 64 oz. of water daily. Might sound crazy, but it'll do your body good to have increased liquids hydrate and de-bloat you, plus increased water intake gives your body a great boost of energy.

Get moving. I spent this morning walking with my children. It isn't much but my body felt amazing post walk. My husband and I also took the kids out for a metro day yesterday. After all this eating we've both done it felt great to ditch our wheels and force ourselves to walk. After a long metro ride, we hit the streets for a brisk 40 mins. walk around town. Increased activity is so good for your body after overeating, so create a space to move in the days following holiday indulgence. Do whatever it takes to generate a good sweat and treat your body to exercise endorphins. 

Eat clean. A detox isn't a diet and it surely isn't about eating less, or worse, not eating at all. In this post, I am referring to a detox as a way to let your body recuperate from overindulging. Think clean eating as you prepare the next couple of days' meal plans. Breakfast should be packed with lean protein and heart healthy veggies and/or fruits. This is a great way to still appease your recent appetite and fill your body with natural foods. Try a bun-less turkey burger or skip the cheese and creamy dressing on a plentiful serving of yummy grilled chicken salad. Make those small meal adjustments that lead to clean eating and get back to feeling healthy and happy about your eating habits.

Comment below and share your tips, too! 
How to you detox from overindulging during the holidays?

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