Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's party... Holiday style!

I've had more feasting than I'd like to admit these days. Blame the holiday season. No matter the holiday party style there's always something to indulge in like food, booze and delicious holiday treats!

Plenty of fun loving feelings flying around during the holidays, office parties have come to be standard though varied in types. This past weekend, I spent an entire day holiday-party-hopping! Three different parties, three different styles, all great fun! Doesn't matter what the style every office (and work team) benefits from pausing to celebrate holiday cheer, and more importantly, everyone's hard work through the year. 

What's your favorite kind of holiday party?

1. Potluck/Gift Exchange: always an affordable and easy way to bring an office staff together. Making sure to set cost minimums and maximums for the gift exchange and determining the number of folks each dish must feed keeps the festivities simple and fun even if only during a lunch hour! 

2. Staff happy hour: another simple way to celebrate the holidays! Getting together after work for drinks to hang out in honor of all things winter break! Great social way to interact while keeping things casual.

3. Restaurant holiday outing: tough office budget makes it okay to opt for splitting the bill during a nice holiday meal. Office wellness in the form of holiday bonding over dinner comes easy and you get to let someone else (waiter, cook, etc.) do all the work! 

4. Big office party: big budget style? Planned at a banquet hall including dinner, entertainment and a night of dancing. Not all offices can provide this, but if given the choice, do you choose big and flashy party over simple & classic holiday fun?

5. Or how about skipping the party altogether? More and more companies seem to be moving in the direction of not having an office holiday party and instead giving gifts. More folks hoping to walk away with a giftcard and not actually interested in holiday partying at all.

So again, what's your favorite style? Tell us in the comment section below!

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