Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kids & Spouse-Free Staycations

This past weekend my husband spent exactly 48 hours away from myself and our kids. He's a total homebody who was well overdue for a kid-free staycation. Staycations are usually simple local or semi-local, short-to-long term getaways. I personally love a good weekend away whether it's with gal friends, family or even solo. In my opinion, every parent needs this alone time to unwind and oddly reengage in the life of parent and spouse. 

During a recent getaway with girlfriends, I remember missing my children and husband to the point that I gained insight on being present, more intentional and loving in my day-to-day. Yes, a few days away was amazing because it made me better when I was back. Truth is we all get burned out and shaking up our routine is a good cure for burn-out!

This is what my husband's recent weekend away looked like (thanks for letting me invade your photo stream, honey):

Lobster Buffet
Casino Fun
Adult Beverage & Sports Entertainment
Physical Activity
Of course almost everything pictured can be accomplished without getting away and with kids around. But let's be real? Do parents really get a lot of fun and free-me-time? We don't. And that's okay. We didn't sign up for casino nights and buffet splurges when we decided on the gig of parenthood. At least I sure hope typical parents aren't shuffling kids into casinos and ordering up a storm of tequila shots! Nevertheless, parents deserve to be just a little selfish from time-to-time and enjoy a weekend getaway. I support my husband when he's away as he supports me. We encourage alone time and we also trust in each other to make this time productive and full of good, clean fun!

Do you agree with this HerMama? 
When's the last time you or your significant other got away from it all? 


  1. I need a staycation away from kids and hubs! Maybe it can be a pre (or post) Christmas present.

    That lobster looks delish!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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