Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It Sucks to be the Mom & Dad in a Disney Film

Now that we are parents, my husband and I are getting to watch a lot of Disney movies with our kids and we noticed something. Maybe its because we are seeing the films as parents, but we noticed an alarming trend in Disney flicks. Awful things always happen to the parents. Don't believe me? Here are a few examples...

  • Cinderella: First her Mom died and she ends up with a wicked step-mom and sisters. THEN her only surviving parent, her father, dies in the beginning of the film. 
  • Dumbo: Ugh my heart breaks for Dumbo's Momma. She has her baby taken from her. Us Mom's cannot watch the "Baby Mine" scene without tissues nearby.
  • Bambi: poor little baby Bambi is orphaned when a hunter shoots and kills his Mom. 
  • Lion King: Mufasa is brutally killed by a stampede constructed by his own brother. It's so Shakespeare and so sad. Poor baby Simba. 
  • Sleeping Beauty: Now her parents are together and don't die BUT thanks to a wicked evil spell they are forced to give up their baby girl for many years.  
  • Finding Nemo: The first few minutes of this movie is the violent death of Nemo's Mom and all his siblings. Brutal Disney, very brutal. 
  • Princess and the Frog: after being sent off to war Tiana's father and his dream of opening his own restaurant die. He will never get to see what a success Tiana's makes of her life. 
  • Tangled: Very much like the parents in Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel's mom and dad are robbed of their baby girl by an evil woman. They should get together and start a support group. They could ask Hercules parents to join too.
  • Brave: As if dealing with a crazy husband, rambunctious triplets and an angry teenaged daughter isn't enough,  poor Queen Elinor is fed a cake that turns her into a bear! Then she is attacked by her own people and by another crazy angry bear! Eventually she gets turned back but is was touch and go at the end there. 
  • Frozen: King Dad and Queen Mom are in about the first 15 minutes of the flick. They head out for a 2 week trip and all we see is a crazy storm on the sea. We see the ship tossing and turning and they the ship is gone, along with Mom and Dad.  
I could go on. I didn't even mention the films that showcased a single father ( Little Mermaid / Beauty and the Beast / Aladdin). 

What things from your childhood do you see differently now that you are an adult?
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