Friday, December 6, 2013

Gift Ideas for Under $20.00

There is a good chance that you are involved in either a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange either with work or with your family. Trying to find a gender neutral gift for someone you may not know very well is a hard task. Then throw in a $20.00 limit it gets harder. 

Here are a few gifts under $20.00 that anyone would like! 

Coffee Set

These can be found all over the place. But to get the best price head over to places like Ross! For about $15.00 you can snag a box set filled with coffee, a mug and a travel mug. Even if your recipient doesn't drink coffee, they most likely enjoy some sort of hot beverage during the winter.

Monitor Cleaning Kit

This is a great one for a co-worker. Most of us sit on front of a computer for the majority of our work day. This gift is kind of silly but kind of practical all at the same time. I know my computer monitor and keybaord could use a good cleaning.

Hostess Twinkies Maker

For that person who has everything! I bet they don't have their very own Twinkie maker! And maybe if your office is lucky they will bring a whole bunch of homemade Twinkies to the next potluck!

Board Games

This is a great gift for a even better price. Classic board games are always fun and sets like these come with multiple games. As a kid I loved chinese checkers and macala. These games are simple and fun for all ages.


These are always a good go-to for a quick white elephant gift. You can find them most anywhere, especially this time of year. It is a gift that you know will be used and will fit into your budget. You can make it festive by finding a holiday scented candle!

So tell us! What are some of your favorite white elephant or secret Santa gifts? 

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