Friday, December 27, 2013

Currently Obsessed

It's the end of the month already! Time again for what we are currently obsessing over!


Spin Pins: I have super crazy thick hair. Trying to put my hair in a cute stylish bun was impossible without about 40 bobby pins. And then I discovered spin pins! With just 3 of these I can put my hair up in a tight and secure bun. Instead of being pushed into the hair, these spin pins are screwed in. They also come in different colors and sizes for thick hair or thin hair. 

Smoothies: I got a blender for Christmas! This is the first one I've had in over 10 years! Besides the obvious things like margaritas and daiquiris, I am looking forward to making healthy and yummy smoothies. Lately I have been obsessed with finding smoothie recipes. I am especially looking for smoothies that taste sweet but have veggies in them! 

Ice Skating: I am not the type to try new sports, or really sports at all. My oldest daughter has been wanting to try ice skating and when a friend's son decided he wanted to spend his big birthday on the ice, I took a deep breathe and went out of my comfort zone and strapped some ice skates on. I had such a blast! It was a great reminder to try new things, even if it seems scary. I can't wait to go ice skating again! 


Christmas Desserts: I've had an over active sweet-tooth this time of year. In fact, I've probably gained five lbs. this month from all the pastries, cookies, cakes and overall holiday desserts in my life! From mini cheesecakes to peppermint crunch bundt cakes I'm officially obsessed with all things dessert. This time of year just makes it so easy to indulge. It's been a sweet, sweet ride - while it lasted!

Date Night: I'm so proud of this obsession. My husband and I implemented a strict once a week date night some months ago and we've stuck to it. We're having so much fun alternating dates to plan and excute for each other. Plus, we're feeling so much closer. I love date night. Our home also honors a rotating date night for parent & child, so the whole family has been obsessed with one-on-one quality time, on a weekly basis.

John Mayer: I've loved him since he made bodies a wonderland circa 2001, but as of late, I'm digging John Mayer's new country boy style. I also like his new song where he features his real-life G.F. Katy Perry! Mr. Mayer has the best voice. I am obsessed with him and can't stop playing a medley of his albums!

What are your current obsessions?

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