Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Cards

One of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season is the holiday cards. Throughout the rest of the year I avoid our mail box. It is just bills and junk mail. But at Christmas time I run to our mailbox after work in hopes that there is some Christmas cheer inside! We hang up all our cards on the back of the front door. I love seeing all the pictures and reading all the gushy sentiments. I especially love if there is a annual letter.

I think I love sending holiday cards as much as I love getting them! Because I am a blogger, pictures of my family are all over social media. So when it came to our holiday card this year we had to step it up! This year we went with a silly theme centered all around my husbands beard. It took a tripod and about 50 pictures to get the 4 we needed for this card.....

Here are a few of my tips when it comes to sending out a holiday card...
  • A flat card with a picture or pictures are pretty inexpensive. Places like Walgreens and Costco let you make your cards online and pick-up in store. Sometimes same day! 
  • You can go a little extra with places like Vistaprint or Pinhole Press. These cards are a bit more expensive but have more options for customization and more paper options. 
  • Keep an online Christmas card list. I use Google Drive to keep a list of people and addresses and if people change addresses during the year it is easy to change and if you make new friends throughout the year it is easy to add to your list. 
  • To save time have your message and name printed on the cards.  Also if you have the option to add your return address to your envelope do it! It is a big time saver. This way you just stuff, address, stamp and drop in the mail. 
Do you send holiday cards? 
Why or why not? 
Leave us a comment! We love to hear your thoughts!

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