Monday, December 30, 2013

Amusement Park Boycott

Spent the day after Christmas at Knott's Berry Farm. Totally impromptu trip! On Christmas day, I overheard my sister making plans to attend with her girls. For as long as I can remember, my sister has always had an annual window where she gets a county worker discount at Knott's. It began with four free tickets. Then two free tickets plus 7 bucks per add on guest. Today, the add on guests (up to 6) are 27 bucks. Still, a great deal! 

So there we went and totally bandwagoned my sister's annual deal. She and my nieces didn't seem to mind. Got to the gate to discover general admission is now $62 at Knott's! What in the world? Disneyland is over $90 now. 

How can this be? Should theme parks really be allowed to expect the average family to spend 1000's for a day at a theme park? Yes, they can and do expect just that.

I went with a budget of $40 to spend inside the park for my 7 year old and I, after all, I took water and a few snacks with me. What a joke! After funnel cake, carnival style games, coffee, souvenirs, and even a FOUR dollar bag of chips my son and I spent plenty more than 40 bucks. 

Truth is, theme parks are outrageously priced. Yet, we love the experience and the joy on our children's faces. Still, I wonder just how many families are missing out simply because they cannot afford the cost. This is just out of most inner city families' reach. 

All families should unite and boycott theme parks. I'd be the first to campaign and take part. It's just crazy to think how expensive these excursions have become and how deserving children/families are missing out due to the high cost.

Comment and tell us, if such a boycott existed would you support the cause?

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