Thursday, November 7, 2013

Touching the Baby Bump a Crime?

Chances are you have been guilty of this. I have done it, to friends, family and even strangers. And if you have ever been pregnant that it has most likely happened to you. People love to touch a pregnant belly. I know for me, the further along I got, the more often people wanted to touch. Most people asked permission, others just went for it without as much as a hello. To me it was just a little awkward, but I understood that people sometimes just need to touch the baby bump.

Other people are not so happy about it, so much so that in Pennsylvania a man faces possible harassment charges after touching a pregnant woman's belly. This man did not know the woman and this women did not give this man permission to touch her.

Should touching a pregnant woman's belly without permission be a crime? Or is this kind of extreme? I can remember being pregnant and most times I was fine with people touching the baby belly, but a few times, thanks to hormones and stress, I was not having it. I remember one time a stranger came up to me and touched my belly and I said nicely but firmly, "Please don't touch me, I do not know you". You better believe she moved her hand super quick and chances are she never reached for a stranger's belly again.

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What do you think about baby bump touching? 

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  1. I dont think it should be a crime but I do think,its unspeakably rude. For me it was very strange when it happened during,my pregnancy, I had never in my life felt the need to touch a woman's baby bump even,if I did know her, so it was hard to understand why anyone touched mine. However I think that just speaking up is sufficient to stop it from happening, turning it into a crime is excessive.


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