Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving ALL Month Long!

My hubby always talks about how Thanksgiving is his absolute favorite holiday. Needless to say he's excellent at wiping out a buffet-style serving of food. But my husband isn't just in it for the turkey leg. He's all about the principle of this holiday and sharing in our gratitude for all of life's blessings. And I agree, but the bummer is that Thanksgiving, like all holidays, comes and goes to fast every year. It's really gone too soon. With that said, I've decided families should extend thanksgiving and here's how...

Firstly, in preparation for saying grace before enjoying the actual Thanksgiving feast it's a great idea for families to milk the 20 odd days beforehand to also show gratitude. One way to do this is by going around the dinner table every evening in November and sharing what everyone's grateful for on that day. It's really such a sweet way to spend the month. In fact, what's even sweeter is writing these down and displaying them on a decorated clothesline the entire month of November!

Next, why should all the fun of eating be spent on one day? Every weekend in November before the big day is a great time to test run new Thanksgiving recipes. I am a huge lover of all things mashed potatoes and stuffing, so I'm usually crazy eager to try out new recipes. Cooking weekends before can be bonding for the entire family. Also, the pressure's off the first time you're trying that amazing Pinterest recipe that you may or may not nail! So get to cooking all month long and enjoy.

Finally, Thanksgiving is such a great time to give back! And giving back could also happen all month long. Teaching charity to your children during the month could be such fun. Imagine pulling your little red wagon around town for an impromptu can drive or setting up a lemonade stand and then donating proceeds to a great charity! Picture the look on your kiddos face when you head over to the children's hospital to drop off those proceeds?!? This really is such a great season for giving. So if you can volunteer with kids, do that too, and spending the month feeling like a rock star because of it!

All of the above is sure to leave your kiddos (and you) feeling grateful and filled with memories of a Thanksgiving holiday that lasted well beyond one day. 

Comment below and share your Thanksgiving rituals with us. 
What would you do all month long 
to celebrate this occasion of togetherness, gratitude and great food.

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