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Guest Post: Change Up Your Makeup Routine for the Winter Months by GwenLewis

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Change Up Your Makeup Routine for the Winter Months

Your bathing suits, skirts, and flip flops may all be packed away until next summer, but there are some things you used all summer which should remain out in the winter: your makeup. Makeup can help you keep that glowing vibrancy of summer alive all winter long! A wonderful glow isn’t something that should only be reserved for summer - make it last all year long.

Still, do you want to give yourself a little bit of a more winter-appropriate look? By following these
tips, you’ll have a ravishingly radiant look from the first frost until the first thaw.

Keep Bronzing

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You don’t want to have an “I just spent the day on the beach” look in the winter months, but you do want to maintain a little bit of a tan glow. Apply just the smallest amount of bronzer to your face in order to give yourself the perfect hint of color. This will keep you from looking drab and will help you pop out against all of that wintery white.

Icy Colors

Now is the perfect time to pull out those icy colors. Light blues, pinks, purples, and whites that contain a little hint of sheen beg to be worn during the winter months. They help to create a winter queen look that will surely catch the attention of everyone who passes you by.

Red Lips

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If you love red lipstick, the winter is the time to sport it. However, red lips can be very hard to pull off. When choosing a red lip color, make sure you keep your skin tone in mind. If you have fair skin, coral-based reds are your best bet, as they will warm you up and won’t wash you out. If your skin is medium, you have the luxury of being able to wear true red tones and cranberry-based shades, as these reds play well with the golden background of your skin. Dark burgundies and warmer shades of red are the best pick if you have a darker skin tone, as they will stand out against your coloring.

Au Natural

While a common assumption is that a natural look is only suitable for the summer months, this simply isn’t the case. Natural works for any time of the year, and in order to pull it off for winter, simply mix up your color choices a bit.

Try using a blush that gives you a little bit of a rosier complexion, and opt for a light charcoal liner and mascara, rather than the brown that you used during the summer. Also, consider adding just a hint of shimmer to your natural-colored eye shadow, to give your eyes that extra little pop they need to look brighter in the wintertime.

With these simple adjustments, you can update your beauty routine for the winter months and look ravishing all season long.

Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer in Southern California. She loves adapting her makeup routine depending on the season and often uses these tips for herself. As a health and beauty writer, she contributes to the Skintrium blog

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  1. These are great tips, I'm going to try the ice queen look soon, even if it never does get cold here on Florida. :-


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