Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Have you noticed how many products now offer you a "natural" option? Many companies have figured out that people are willing to spend a little more on an "environmentally friendly",  "natural" or "organic" option of a product. Of course there is nothing wrong with consumers wanting these options. People want products that are free from toxins and chemicals and that are not harmful to our environment. What IS wrong is when a company merely "greenwashes" their packaging or promotion without really making any changes to make their product more"green".

When we see a product option with these words and coloring....

... we assume that these products really are pure and natural when in reality they are not much different than the regular, less expensive option. The Tyson company recently got into some trouble when they used the terms "wholesome", "premium quality" and "all natural" on their packaging, when in reality their chicken can from factory farms and were feed GMO corn. That doesn't sound very "all natural" to me. 

Offering natural and environmentally products is good for business, but as consumers we need to really look into what are in the "green" products we buy.  

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  1. Thanks for this info. I like to think that I make the green choice whenever possible but sometimes it is at a cost that strains my budget so I am happy to be made aware that companies are doing this. If I am going to make the effort to shell out a few more dollars for a product I am going to make sure that I'm getting what I pay for.


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