Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give a Book, Take a Book... Makeshift Libraries!

I've noticed the sweetest thing happening in our neighborhood. Little makeshift "libraries" are springing up everyone. I first noticed this "bird-house/mailbox-looking-thingy" outside of my son's school. I assumed this was a school-related project. Then I saw one plotted in front of someone's home just a short walk from ours. What a cool idea. My husband's reaction was "oh yeah, this is a thing, I've read about it on the internet!" Immediately my heart felt fuller at the idea that so many folks would be aligned to this fun way of sharing in the joy of reading.              

Of course these days so much information is readily available via the internet, but there's something so amazing about actually cracking open a great book. Even bigger than that, I like the idea of "giving and receiving." This idea that we can all bask in the experience  of reading and learning by simply sharing. And finally the idea of not exchanging money for books and knowledge excites me. I often preach to my children that all of the best things in life are free and so here you go... books = free! Everything about your typical library existing outside of libraries and scattered all over the neighborhood only reinforces the idea the we should be reading, learning and sharing, always! 

Visiting these neighborhood "libraries" will become a usual ritual for us. My children are excited to look for books to trade and select books from the options in the box. Sure, my daughter also wanted to walk right up to a stranger's door step because we were at the "library" but I simply had to explain this Little Free Library (as it's known) is different than your traditional library, but still useful. How great would it be if there were multiple Little Free Libraries scattered throughout all neighborhoods. What a great message about sharing, and more importantly, a message that learning doesn't cost a thing and should be a shared experience! 

Would you create and maintain a Little Free Library? 

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