Friday, November 1, 2013

Currently Obsessed....

Hard to believe that it is already time for another edition of Currently Obsessed! Here we go...

  • Amazon Prime: I purchased Prime by mistake. Darn free trial expired before I canceled it, lol! On the plus side, I'm now addicted to browsing Prime for great deals and guaranteed free two-day shipping (on most items). It's $79 bucks or so a year and there's plenty to purchase on Amazon to enjoy the perks of Prime (if not, then there's a decent selection of free TV/movie screening to fall back on)!
  • Cookie Butter: If this isn't already in your diet, do yourself a favor, & buy TJ's Cookie Butter today! If you haven't tried it, you're really missing out! My entire family is now addicted to this "better form of peanut butter." Honestly, don't know if that description even fits! Regardless, Cookie Butter is crazy good! Try melting it on hot waffles or top yummy ice cream with a dollop. There's just too many good options for this addiction.
  • Sons of Anarchy: I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'm hooked. So many were raving about this show that I finally started watching (thanks Prime instant TV, see addiction above). The show's got one handsome leading man, a pretty dramatic ensemble and as the seasons pass the violence appears to heighten. But it's just one of those shows that you can't bring yourself to turn away from!
  • Roku: Watching TV is completely different these days. There are so many different ways to stream TV and movies. In our house we don't have a "smart" TV with internet capabilities so we were stuck streaming on our phones and tablets, until the Roku came into our lives. This little box is simply connected to our TV through one HDMI cable, connected to our WiFi and we had all our TV and movie options on our big screen! Great picture quality, easy to use and with prices starting at $50.00 it is super affordable. 
  • BitStrips: If you are on Facebook than you have seen these new comic strips from BitStrips all over the site. A fun way to bring your Facebook status to comic life or just another fade that will waste hours of your day. Either way they are really fun!
  • Uggs: If I could I would wear flip-flops all year-round. I hate shoes. But now that the  weather is getting too cold to walk around barefoot it's time to bust out the Uggs. Yes these shoes maybe over trendy but you have to admit they are comfortable and so cozy.


  1. Irene, what is in the cookie butter?
    Elissa, did your new Uggs fit, if not, they are my size!?!

    1. Haha. They are a little bit big. The heel slips when I walk. If they make Uggs in half sizes I think I will exchange them for a half size smaller.

    2. The jar describes it as a "hint of gingerbread... made with biscuits!" Tastes so good. You have to try it!


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