Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips to Reignite reading in your HOME!

Read, read, read! It's what I want all of my children doing daily. In our home reading goes in cycles. Sometimes the kiddos are all about it and other times not so much. In order to reel the kiddies back in I like mixing it up. If reading to them starts to feel old or boring, I make them read to me. I also diversify the book selection. For instance, sometimes we have a themed set of books to revamp our options. Today, there's a lot of Star Wars "literature" taking over our bookshelves, but the best part is that my kiddos are READING IT! 

There are so many great selections to choose from during the holidays so now we're stocking up on Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Fall selections! I also pick books that come with fun knickknacks maybe that means stickers or in the case of Lego books, Lego toy mini-figures. This becomes a win-win for all, fun activities for the kiddies and new material that momma gets to read with them.

Wondering how to get your hands on books and make it worth your while? Lots of classrooms are part of a scholastic book club online. Visit and purchase books. Doing so will result in classroom points and incentives. Finding your child's school and/or teacher is achieved with a simple drop down menu. Ordering books ends up being easy and beneficial for you and your child's classroom! Plus, the selection is bountiful. 

Next, kids seem to be overwhelmed with electronic entertainment options: video consoles, cell phones, and tablets! Books on these devices are easy to download and pretty cost effective at sites like (Kindle application). This is a great way to incorporate reading in a tool kids usually associate to gaming. Tons of great book selections are only a click away and using new devices mixes things up!
Classic Selections for Kids of all Ages!

How do you get kids re-engaged in your home? And how do you make reading fun? 

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