Friday, October 18, 2013

The No Excuses Mom- Inspiring or Insulting?

This week this photo of a Mom and her 3 boys went viral on Facebook......

And of course controversy followed. There seems to be 2 sides on this issue.

There are some who feel that 32 year old, Maria Kang is an inspiration to moms everywhere. Even with 3 young children Maria has managed to stay fit and healthy. And if she can do it, then anyone can do it too! There are women who applaud her for owning her body and prioritizing time for herself in what must be a hectic schedule.

And there are those who think that Maria Kang is insulting women everywhere. They call her a bully and out of touch with reality. Maria has admitted to prioritizing exercise because the women in her family are overweight and she did not want to become overweight. She also admits that she suffered through depression as well as bulimia when she was younger.  Some call her a hypocrite because by posting photos of herself and stating things like "What's your excuse?" she's contributing to the unrealistic image media gives women. This same unrealistic image that must have drove her to bulimia and depression. There have been blog post from people so upset by this photo because some women have different medical conditions that prevent them from ever looking like Maria no matter how hard they exercise or diet.

I have to give Maria Kang some props for standing firmly by her photo and her words. On Facebook she posted an "apology" in which she basically apologized for people who so insecure that they are offended by her photo.

This photo is over a year old so it's strange that it just recently went viral. I wouldn't be surprised if Maria Kang has a book, or exercise video coming out soon.

We want to hear what you think!
Is this photo inspiring or insulting?


  1. Honestly my initial reaction is to try to be insulted but I realize that as a woman who struggles with her weight, my dislike of this picture is just my own insecurities rearing their ugly heads. The reality is that getting in shape is 80% what you eat so even if there are women (like myself) who can't seem to find enough time for the gym, it is possible to get to a healthy weight just by changing one's diet and everyone can do that. This woman is obviously dedicated and works hard, she should be proud of herself and she is right to urge the rest of us to realize there is NO excuse. Medical problems that cause weight issues are not an excuse they are a reason and those people who suffer from such conditions are exceptions. For the rest of us though, instead of expending so much energy hating on her and finding reasons (ahem, excuses) for why we are overweight should instead be finding the inspiration to develop a little will power.

    And ultimately remember that being overweight is not a problem simply because its unattractive, its a problem because it is UNHEALTHY. This woman, and this post, is an inspiration. I hope that many women, like I, remember this picture the next time they want to pop a donut in their mouths and put it down instead. We can rationalize our weight issues all we want, but the fact is that all people need to find the will to get healthy, for ourselves and for our families.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lorena! Very well said!

    2. I couldn't agree more, Lorena!


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