Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picking Godparents

My husband and I are both Catholic and are raising both our kids in our faith. Recently my 3rd grader was given the really big decision of choosing godparents for her 1st Communion this spring. During this process we were able to talk with our daughter about what a godparents means to us and what qualities we think are important.

We started by telling her why we chose her baptism godparents.  For us it was much more than just a simple decision. We let her know that we wanted people who were...

  • Catholic (this of course was a church requirement)
  • people who we knew would love her as much as we did.
  • people who would be invested in her faith formation as well as her education. 
  • People who were kind, lovable and easy to talk to so that if she needed to come to them she could. 
  • People who were fun and exciting and have a lot to teach her. 
We left her with these ideas for a few months and it was time for her to make her decision. She had 2 women in mind and was very torn between the 2. She picked 2 women who my husband and I felt met all our requirements and more. She choose 2 people who adore her and want only the best for her. So we went to our church and asked if she could have 2 women by her side when she made her 1st Holy Communion. Our church thought it was a great idea. 

How did you choose your children's godparents?
Are you a godparent? Tell us about your experience. 

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