Friday, October 25, 2013

Mommy's favorite apps (for babies)!

Smart phones have made life so very easy! I really can't believe how far we've come from pagers and dial-up internet connections. And just when we think life can't get easier some new app comes along and it DOES!

I visited a friend this week and before she plopped down to begin breastfeeding she went to fetch her phone. I was so confused. I mean I live with my cellphone camera shoved in my kids faces, but not usually while breastfeeding. Turns out the cell phone wasn't for a pic, but for a very nifty app. My gal pal spent a measly $2.99 on the iBaby Feed Timer app and it makes breastfeeding so easy (or at least the tracking of it). This app. logs the time a child feeds, the side they feed on, etc. It's able to keep a running average of total daily feeds and even tracks diaper changes and sleep records. It's a highly rated app on apple with 5 out of 5 stars! Gone are the days of having the remember these details or writing this stuff down. If you're gearing up to breastfeed your little one... nab this app! 

What family doesn't have two phones in a household now-a-days. If you do then save some money and do not buy a baby monitor. The Best Baby Monitor app (only $2.99) can now replace those bulky, more expensive baby monitors. In real time you can SEE and LISTEN to your little one while they're in another room. All you'll need are two iOS devices over WiFi or Bluetooth. What's great is that you can use an iPad or iPod interchangeably with this app.  

Now if you want to keep all of your functions in one simple app android and apple users can download Baby Connect for a few more bucks (around $4.99). This one app allows you to track it all because some mommas (and even poppa's like my hubby) love one-stop tracking. With this app moms can track sleep, diaper changes, nursing and pumping. Baby Connect is a bit more elaborate and complex than iBaby and is great for parents who want the most capabilities! In this app you can even track baby milestones and growth spurts! 

Download one or all three of these apps and have fun moms and dads!

HerMamas wants to know... are you using these apps (or others) to make mommyhood easier? Share your tips and reviews too. Comment below!

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  1. Baby Connect was the BEST!!! I used it until Char was like 6 months old. I love that the app grew with her and would still use it but just didn't have the room on my phone :) Nice compilation of apps, Hermamas!


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