Friday, October 11, 2013

I have a BINGEING problem.... and I like IT!

I've been bingeing like crazy. It's just too easy. And I can't stop. Everything so readily available, at my fingertips for chronic consumption. It's a sign of the times! Thank you, Netflix! You and I have become fast pals. And thanks to you, I am now like thousands of Americans who love BINGE WATCHING hit TV shows! 

Television watching has changed. Actually who said anything about watching shows on a television? I don't watch any of my favorite shows on a TV screen. I watch most shows glued to my cell phone, iPad or computer screen. Netflix has revolutionized "watching television" by allowing folks to stream hit TV shows and more than one episode at once. Entire seasons available at once, with the click or a button creating the newest concept around TV shows... binge watching!

Netflix is on to something and after releasing hit shows like Breaking Bad and The Office by the numbers with complete seasons available at once many folks are able to watch an entire show in one weekend! It's crazy but more and more are aligned to this new way of watching hit shows. It's a thing! In fact, I now watch only shows that have gathered some acclaim and then become readily available on streaming sites. Netflix knows this formula is successfully and so all of their original series are released as complete series/seasons. Mostly all of those shows have been hits i.e. the award winning House of Cards starring one of my favorite actors Kevin Spacey, Orange is the New Black based on a wildly successfully memoir, or how about the much sought after revival of Arrested Development. Three shows that could be watched from start to finish in one fell swoop. 

Amazing how each of those shows became wildly popular overnight because since viewers became literally hooked overnight... watching an entire series in less than 24 hours.  A little scary to think binge watching created this platform then again it's a sign of the times. Why wait? I love that I can watch a hit TV show in this way. Oddly, this saves time. I watch shows when convenient to me. I skip a ton of commercials and don't work around the actual time a show is on television. The viewer gets more control! Because honestly what busy mom has time to sit around during prime time to watch TV?

So to the Netflix revolutionaries, I say thank you! And to the next hit show out there, I'll see you in a few years when you're readily and completely available for internet streaming, all at ONCE! Who knew bingeing could feel so good and end up being not so bad!

Tell us, what do you think about binge watching? 
Are you into this whole new way of "watching television?" 

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