Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Photo Editing Fun!

Halloween is this week! And here at HerMamas we are getting into the spirit! One fun way to make things a little more spooky this time of the year is to have some fun editing photos! Turning a cute seemingly innocent photo into something terrifying! 

Here is a photo I took while on a recent trip to a pumpkin patch.... 

There are 2 really great and free photo editing sites that I absolutely love. The first one is First, be aware that about half of the effects and tools available on PicMonkey are free. Anything with a little crown next to it is considered a "royal" feature and requires a monthly membership to use. With that being said, there are still a TON of great effects and tools available free on PicMonkey. They also have a whole section for Halloween photo editing. Here are some of the things you can do for free....

- Add fangs to someone or somethings mouth
- Add blood! You can add blood drops, blood splatter and even blood spills
- Change eye color to something much more sinister. 
- Add an effect to make your photo look like a horror movie poster
- Add bats, black cats, ravens, tombstones, spiders and even spider webs
- Give skin a greenish tone for a perfect witch photo, there are even witch hats
- A whole "day of the dead" section to create a beautiful calavera look. 
- A whole selection of frightening fonts to choose from. 
- And of course there are cute and non-spooky effects like pumpkins and candy corn. 

If you are not too familiar with photo editing, PicMonkey is a great place to start. With most effects and tools a little box will show up and tell you about the effect and some hints on how to use it to get the best results.

After using a few tools and effects with PicMonkey, here is my photo now...... is my go-to photo editing site. By simply completing a free registration you have access to all their tools and effects. You also can allow access to your Facebook photos, Flickr and even Picasa photos. So with a push of a button you can edit photos from these places as well as save and share photos to those places. Ribbet has a seasonal tab where you can find a bunch of Halloween effects and tools. Here are some of the things you can do...

- change eye color to vampire red or ghoulish green. 
- create a Zombify effect to give skin that "been dead for years" look.
- add open wounds to skin complete with blood drips.
- add lightening strikes to any photo
- stretch out face features with the ogre or fun house mirror effect.
- add a mask, or even face paint.
- add spooky ghosts to your picture. 
- fonts to add text.
- and of course there are a lot of kid friendly stickers to add to you photos. 
- add a Halloween themed frame to your photo. 

Here is what my photo looks like after a few minutes on

And here is what you can create by using both sites....

Happy Halloween Photo Editing!! 

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