Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Costumes: What Happened?

Over the weekend we took our kids out to buy Halloween costumes. My 8 year old had been talking about being a certain cartoon character for months. I had plans to make the cape she would need and had the make-up ready to go. Of course the moment she stepped into a halloween shop she changed her mind. The amount of glitter and tule and halloween costume fun was too much for her. So $60.00 later both kids had store-bought costumes.

Now that hit to the wallet was hard enough, having to go to 3 different stores to find the right costume was stressful, but what really irritated me was the fact that a lot of the costumes on the shelves were things that did not exist.

For example:

What the heck is a watermelon fairy?

My girls kept bringing me costumes that I had no idea what they were. Call me old fashioned but people should know who you are dressed up as. No one is going to guess "baterina".  When we were kids we dressed up in the typical witch, angel, bride costumes. Or if we were feeling super sassy we would dress up as a famous pop star. (When my sister was about 5 she dressed up as Cyndi Lauper and it was amazing!), or a cartoon character. And our costumes were always put together with stuff we had at home and anything my Mom could make.

Next year when costume picking time comes around I am setting down a few rules for my kids.....

  1. you have to pick your costume before we head to the costume store. 
  2. you have to be someone the average person will recognize. 
What are the kids in your life dressing up as? 
Do you buy or make costumes? 


  1. hahahah.. that watermelon fairy, what the heck.. lol
    My cousins are making their daughters their halloween costumes, Little Mermaid and Belle. I helped them with their tulle skirts, they came out cute!!

    I think making costumes are so much more original, :)
    I remember one time I was a baby, pjs and a teddy bear, super easy.. lol..

    What are your kids dressing up as?? Are you dressing up??

    1. Hey Adri! Aren't those tulle skirts too cute! I agree about making costumes being more original, and I had one for my oldest ready to make but those dang store bought costumes were just too much for her to pass up. This year my oldest is going to be a Vampiress (???) and my little one is going to be a 50's girl because she loves the Teen Beach Movie and this was as close to one of the Biker Chicks she could get.

    2. Oh and yes my husband and I dress up too. This year we are going to be Phil Robertson and Ms. Kay from Duck Dynasty. Happy Happy Happy!

  2. Wow, watermelon fairy sounds like company ran out of ideas! I agree, the pricing on costumes is ridiculous. My 7 year old is going as spider girl, get it, the female version of spider man. My husband is so excited about dressing up. I'm a lil apprehensive on his costume choice though...

    1. Okay I gotta know.... what is your husband dressing up as??????

  3. Up until recently my mom made all the kids costumes. I love that we can hand them down, both girls have been Alice, Jasmine, Wendy and 3 girls (my niece too) have been Ariel. Even Z shared the Raja costume! Since their tastes are changing its harder for Mimi to do the costumes so I try to go to thrift stores, yard sales and craigslist so 1. we arent spending too much $$ and 2. so we're reducing and reusing. I read somewhere that most halloween costumes are thrown away after Halloween, what a waste. The past two years living on the mountain was tough, not alot of shopping options and the kids could only dress up as book characters at school (and believe me I wasnt about to do two costumes each!) My oldest went as a character from her favorite books, the Kane Chronicles- all the kids at school knew who she was but no one trick or treating did. So this year we have the rule that the average person must recognize you. Although a funny story about that...we did the Mickey's Trick or Treat at Disneyland a few years ago and I had found this adorable DisneyStore Mushu the dragon costume on craigslist. Zac was 3 and so upset because the whole night everyone kept saying what a cute dinosaur he was. Hello! You'd think people at Disneyland would know Mushu! Aladdin saved the day, when he said "Hey Mushu my man!"
    This year we have Theadora (before she becomes the wicked witch) from Oz, Meg (from Hercules) and Tonto. Trying to talk J into being the Lone Ranger and I'll be going as Jessica Rabbit (I got an awesome steal on the costume at a thrift shop!)

    1. Hi Erin! I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one with the "people have to recognize you" rule! And how awesome that you are going to be Jessica Rabbit, Please tell me your hubby is dressing up as Roger Rabbit!!


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