Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guest Post: Matching Your Makeup To Suit Your Outfit by Eva Kempinsky

When it comes to makeup colors I am always at a loss. Today we have a fantastic guest post by Eva Kempinsky all about coordinating your makeup colors with what you are wearing. We love makeup tips here at HerMamas! Take it away Eva........

Most people will tell you that matching your makeup to your outfit is a huge fashion faux pas. To be honest, these people are about five years behind everybody else - don't listen to them. Everybody from Hilary Swank to Busy Phillips, Emma Stone and even Michelle Obama has been jumping on the bandwagon, when it comes to this once maligned trend. If the first lady can do it, you certainly can. Don't be scared - get those vibrant lipsticks out and start matching them to your favourite dresses, says Cosmopolitan journalist Dawn Davis. Obviously, if your all time favourite outfit is a slinky LBD (little black dress), this plan isn't going to work all that well. Yet, if your wardrobe tends to be full of colour - this could be the perfect trend for you. Here's a guide to successfully matching your makeup to your outfit. 

Avoid Matching Exact Shades
What you should be aiming for is a match using two colours that are very similar, but not exactly the same. More often than, an exact colour match would end up looking pretty silly. You can't wear a bright red dress and bright red eyeshadow without turning a few heads, that's for sure. Stick within the same colour 'family,' but opt for a shade that has a lot of depth. For example, if you're planning to wear a purple dress - gently sweep the eyelids with a delicate lavender colour. Use a thin eye brush like the ones available from Crown Brush.

Keep It Coordinated
The key to pulling this look off is balance - you've got to get the right balance between enhancing your outfit and completely overshadowing it, says Yahoo journalist Stephanie Haddad. That being said, you can't go for a bold eye shade and then ignore the fact that the rest of your face needs to compliment it. This can be tricky, but it's an easy feat to achieve if you know how. If you're wearing a red, pink or purple eye shade - choose a similar shade for your lip. Don't apply it in full, though. Instead, mix a small amount of the colour with a nude or clear gloss and then apply. This should be just enough colour to make sure that all of your facial features match nicely.

Pick A Bold Feature
If you don't want to end up looking like Coco the clown after a hard day at the office, always avoid wearing a bold lip and a bold eye. Pick a signature feature and limit vibrant colour to that feature - if you want to wear a ruby red shade of lipstick, you can't also wear a smoky eyeshadow. It'll look far too much like overkill. Don't forget that rocking this look is all about balance. In order to pull off dramatic eye makeup, it's necessary to wear a very pale or nude lip colour, says Allure.com expert Kayleigh Donahue.

A Little Bit Of Subtlety
This look actually tends to work best when it's done very subtlety. The very best way to match your makeup to your outfit is to wear an ensemble with several colours and then pick out a signature shade. Try to choose the colour that your outfit uses the least - your makeup will stand out all the more for it. Don't be tempted to go overboard, either. If you're playing with very bold eye shades, a sweep beneath the lids is enough.

EVA is a trainee makeup artist who is currently studying at Manchester University. She recommends Crown Brush for top quality, affordable makeup brushes. She can usually be found attending lectures or practicing her technique on friends and family members.

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