Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eating and Guilt: Destined to be eternal BFFs?

I often post all over social media the delicious things I eat, like mini bundt cakes and supreme pizza, but I don't comment on how guilty I've come to feel after the fact. I'll indulge and then immediately beat myself up about it. And I know plenty of women who relate. Though I've gotten my tendency to overeat under control, I'm still like most gals who lament what they've eaten long after the last bite! To be honest, I use to live in the turmoil of this chronic cycle. I've watched friends go through it and even my husband. We can be so hard on ourselves when it comes to eating all these guilty pleasures...

But enough is enough! I've decided to be better to myself. Firstly, I already know I am going to eat what I want. I do not deprive myself of anything. It's just what works for me. And with that said, I still watch what I eat and make sure to on average eat in moderation and in a way that is most comfortable for my body and weight goals. So yes, sometimes I splurge, but I've let go of feeling guilt over that. It takes too much mental energy to worry about what you're eating (or not eating) and honestly guilt is such a powerless feeling.

I've learned to recognize when I'm beating myself up and choose to instead, let it go! So maybe I'll indulge on the occasional double cheeseburger but the next day I'm on it... back to eating healthfully!  Sometimes the next day turns into next week, but the goal to be healthful overall is always at the forefront.

Here and there lunch consist of bundt cakes (crazy but true), but that same day dinner must consist of a heart healthy alternative (think lots of yummy greens). I throw guilt away and do something PROACTIVE like plan for the next meal to be a healthy one making me feel more empowered than guilty! 

Another guilt zapper is exercise. A great way to release guilt immediately is by going on a long walk. Counter guilt with activity. Better yet, start dancing. I'll get the radio on and start a random dance party with my kids. Before long guilt is forgotten and I'm actually burning some cals. All in all, exercise unlike guilt does your spirit a mountain of GOOD!

I grew up feeling guilty after I ate, and even now at a healthy weight and more in control of my exercise and eating habits, my mind plays horrible guilt-induced trips on me. But that's no way to live and too many people allow themselves to live this way. I say, break up with that mean BFF known as guilt and instead create new habits to react to guilt such as eating healthy following a not-so-healthy meal, exercising and simply forgiving yourself for giving in to one of life's greatest pleasures: delicious food!

Got Guilt? Share with us your feelings around indulging at meal time?

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