Thursday, October 3, 2013

Did I Just Eat Sh**?

We've all had some pretty embarrassing moments whether we'd like to admit them or not. As a college student I had my fair share of shame and I proudly divulged those stories. Never did I think I could top some of those crazy moments like when crossing the street and a bright red thong fell out of my laundry basket while two dudes just watched! I did run back for it and bowed my head as I scurried away in shame. That moment is mild compared to others, but embarrassing nonetheless.

Recently I experienced quite possibly the most outrageous embarrassing moment of my life and it wasn't pretty (or should saw tasty?). While having dinner with amazing friends who we were staying with on vacation, my 18 month old was restless. Suddenly, he insisted on being carried. I was up grabbing seconds of a delicious spread... BBQ, baked beans, corn, potatoes and as I sat back down I decided to sit my little man on my lap. After grabbing my kiddo I noticed baked beans on my pinky finger. I go in for a lick and simultaneously think, "wait, I don't have baked beans on my plate?" And that was the moment I so eloquently proclaimed, "did I just eat shit?" Rude, crude and disgusting, I know. But in that instant, I either fessed up or literally swallowed crap! My husband looked on in disbelief. My girlfriend and her husband looked around confused. My gal pal thinking "how did shit get on the food?" I decided to lift my fussy child and find that "baked bean-like concoction" bursting out of his diaper, up his back and all over my chest! 

Quickly, we all sprang into action! Both husbands took over a filthy, poopy baby! My girlfriend runs away to retrieve listerine while I did everything not to swallow. Poop literally lounging on the tip of my tongue. A napkin frantically wiping my tongue while I'm rinsing my mouth and spitting into the sink (TMI, sorry)!  

Truthfully, through the disgusting embarrassment of it all, all we could do was laugh to the point of tears! We couldn't believe it. And honestly, it put so much in perspective. I hear parents complain about gross incidents with their children and I sit there thinking, "it could be worse... you could be eating your kid's crap for dinner!" 
Embarrassed Much?
My mommy stripes have been earned with this one. A result of so much more than the obvious! Moms are in for a ride and sometimes it's quite shitty, literally! But I wouldn't change the story or experiences of motherhood for a moment! 

Share your embarrassing moments too! We know you've gottem'! 
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