Thursday, October 31, 2013

Contest: The Pumpkin Spice Take Over & A Happy Halloween

The pumpkin spice take over is real. I read this hysterical blog post entitled, "Everyone needs to calm the ***k down about Pumpkin Spice!" In the post, this person's take on this whole seasonal craze led to everyone on earth dying during a pumpkin spice apocalypse. It was so comedic and got me thinking... I'd be the first to go during a real apocolyptic over-exposure to pumpkin spice. I mean check out my actual pantry... 
Okay, maybe freshly brewed PSL from Starbucks doesn't appear in my kitchen cabinet every morning, but the daily cost sure does appear on my debit card. The husband is well aware of our fall spike in coffee sales in our personal finances every year! I'm just one of those people! I'm adding to the craziness and spending the dough on every product with pumpkin spice slapped on the label. But at what cost? Today is Halloween and we didn't carve pumpkins this year or head out to a pumpkin patch! Am I too overwhelmed by pumpkin spice in my diet that I'm avoiding the real thing? I hope you've had a better fate this fall season and actually enjoyed typical pumpkin essentials like carving a spooky jack-o-lantern and visiting a fun and festive patch! Comment below and tell us how you've spent time celebrating FALL!

And on that note, HerMamas would love to wish all of our readers a very happy and safe Halloween! Please drop by our Facebook page today and share your Halloween pics with us! Oh and if you're really feeling generous share your pumpkin spice recipes, too! 

Happy Halloweenie!

Contest: every photo or recipe shared on the HerMamas Facebook fan page today will enter you in a random holiday drawing! One lucky winner will nab a $20 Target gift card! Happy sharing!

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