Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Date nights are the best! This goes for those newly dating, newlyweds and even couples who have been married for some time. It is my belief that every couple should make one-on-one time for each other that takes them outside of their usual routine.

In my marriage date night is a weekly priority. It involves a set commitment from us, our children and even our babysitter (abuelita). So every Monday the hubby and I plan date nights that include a meal and an activity. Of course, weekly date nights can get costly especially when you consider having to pay for a sitter (if you have kids). But cost should never be a reason to skip on the connection date nights provide. 

Firstly, do the research on local happenings. Parks, malls and local businesses often host free to low cost activities. For instance, over the summer my city offers free Zumba on the beach one evening a week. Gettting in a fun active workout is a great date night idea plus couple that with delicious pre-made salads for dinner and catch a sunset at the beach/park before or after your workout ($15 total cost of this fun and easy date). Now that's just a Zumba example, but year round cities host everything from free to low cost farmer's or flea markets with plenty of free entertainment and fun! So get to searching and saving on these date night outings.

Two for one coupons are a great way to go to keep costs low! Plenty of restaurants offer a meal for two lumped into one lower price. We love the PF Changs dinner for two that includes appetizers, two entrĂ©es and even two desserts. Have great meals and skip the high cost! Also check out your online discounters like Groupon, Yelp or Living Social for any two-for-one type deals.

DIY dates: everything you can do at an establishment you can do at home. Instead of Color Me Mine paint pottery on your own where you want to (park, beach, home). Get to a hobby story, pick a piece to paint, paint supplies and you're set. Bring along some romantic tunes (on a mobile device) plus some yummy snacks (fruit, cheeses and sparkling lemonade) and watch sparks fly on this fun and low cost date. There are so many DIY ideas to explore. Paint on canvas at home with a bottle of wine and dinner! Grab a dance video and teach each other to tango, salsa or Cha Cha Cha! Anything that you can pay for during an arranged date night, at a business, you can create at home at a fraction of the cost!

And every once and a while, splurge! After a few low cost dates surprise your significant other with a big date night out. Maybe they're thinking you're headed for a simple walk on the beach and BOOM... a sunset harbor gondola ride awaits instead. Maybe they're thinking they're having drinks at a hotel bar and really you've set up a couples massage at the hotel spa! Every couple of cheap dates should result in a few extravagant date night surprises! This really keeps the romance interesting and blooming!

Share your favorite date night stories with us...

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