Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book review: How Full is your Bucket? (for Kids)

How Full is Your Bucket for Kids written by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer is an exceptional read for early grade schoolers. I truly enjoyed this book because it's a very straight-forward way to understand self-esteem and kindness. My son had his eyes glued to every page as I read it to him.

The concept of a full bucket is so easy for kids to embrace. Basically throughout the day we all live with an imaginary bucket over our heads and all the goodness we encounter fills the bucket with much needed drops while negatively leads to drips!

In this story, we meet Felix, his little sister Ana, his mother and grandpa! Each play a significant role during one day where Felix learns how important a little imaginary bucket can be! Felix especially learns this lesson when it comes to how he treats his own little sister!  This little bucket analogy makes kids more self-aware of their own feelings/needs while also thinking about how they treat others. 
In our home, we're now asking this very simple question "How Full is Your Bucket?" It's been a great way to quickly catch ourselves and think about if our actions towards each other lead to drips or drops? Immediately, we're able to change course and be better to each other. As a busy mom juggling life with three children, I benefit from this concept when thinking about how many drops I'm creating in each of my children's imaginary buckets!

Grab this book & add it to your child's collection! What other self-esteem boosters are you reading with your kids?

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