Monday, September 2, 2013

Water Challenge

We have all heard that it is recommended to drink 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water a day. Most days I wake up with the intention of getting my 8 glasses in, but that never ever happens - like never. A few days ago, I noticed friends online talking about a September water challenge. Here was a chance to really see if drinking 8 glasses of water will help me feel better.

There are lots of reasons to drink water daily....

- your body loses water throughout the day and by drinking more you keep your body's water level full. When you lose more than you consume you become dehydrated. 

-if you are quenching your thirst with H2O you are not picking up drinks like sodas, energy drinks or a Starbucks drink. By doing this you are consuming less calories and caffeine in a day. 

- it's good for your skin. If you become dehydrated your skin can become dry and wrinkled. By drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated your skin will look better. 

- lots of water keeps your #1's clear and your #2's regular. Yes I'm talking about that #1 and #2! Clear and regular are signs that your body is working properly. 

So I decided to take on the September 8 glasses a day water challenge. I downloaded the free app, "Waterlogged" so I could keep track of my intake. Because if there is an app it's more fun for me. 

Do you get your 64 ounces a day in? Tell us how?


  1. I am totally going to do this challenge! I am the worst at drinking water :/ I know my body is dehydrated and my skin can benefit from it...let the challenge begin lol...64 oz. to go and its already 6pm!

    1. I really wish pumpkin spice lattes counted towards this 64 oz challenge!


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