Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rituals and Routines: Creating a Family Culture - Part 1

I routinely ask my grade-schooler two simple questions: What's the most important thing? And what's inside you? "I AM the most important thing! Lots of LOVE is inside me!", proudly answers my son. The answer has always been the same: ME and LOVE!

I ask these questions and know that a simple routine leads to a strong family culture. Firstly, I want my children to grow up knowing they matter first! It's not a parent, friend or significant other's opinion that matters most, but theirs! Truth is, in a world where we're addicted to approval, I just want to teach my children to love themselves first and to seek their own approval and acceptance beyond all else. 

Secondly, if I am a broken record about all the love inside them somehow I know they will instinctively love themselves (and others) freely. I believe they will place love and their own acceptance as a high priority by always reciting the same answer to mom's ever present questions. They reinforce the principle that they are are their number one fans, full of love and self-acceptance.

Last night, after I tucked in my son. Adorably my daughter asked for me to tuck her in and she wanted me to "ask her kesssstons too!" So I asked the usual and when I said "What's inside you?" she looked down her shirt and answered proudly, "butterflies!!!!!" It was a precious moment. While basking in laughter I tucked her in saying, "Yup, you're full of butterflies and LOVE, lots and lots of butterflies and LOVE!"

This is one simple example of a routine that creates a culture and mindset in our family.
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