Friday, September 20, 2013

Motherhood and Opinions

The other day I posted onto my personal Facebook page that my daughters had been exposed to chickenpox. In the comments I mentioned that they were both vaccinated for the virus but I was still worried about them coming down with the pox. I had a Facebook friend comment and in a very friendly way gave her opinion on vaccines and chicken pox. She basically stated that in her opinion children were over-vaccinated and she didn't see anything wrong with her child getting chicken pox and developing immunity that way.

Now I understand that she was just stating her opinion, and she is entitled to that opinion, but her words still made me feel defensive. As if I had to defend my decision to immunize my children. I replied to her comment:

I know she didn't mean anything by stating her opinion, but it brought out the Momma Bear instincts in me. I was already in a stressful situation, worried that my kids might get sick and although I respect her opinion, I didn't ask for it. People base their opinions on their own experiences. She bases her opinion on vaccinations on her healthy child. The opinion of a Mom who say has a child with an immune deficiency (and something like chickenpox could have an awful effect on) would have a different opinion on vaccinations.

Social media outlets make it easy for people to state their opinions on the things you do. It is easy to take these opinions as criticism on your parenting skills. And it is easy to jump into defense mode. I need to work on being more confident on my parenting skills and not let others comments affect me.

Do you think social media makes it easy for people to criticize each other? 
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  1. I can get defensive myself too! I try not to but you just can't help it lol... my daughter gets sick very easily so if it's cold outside , I dress her extra warm or if someone else has a cold we won't go near them and most people think that we may be over protective or think is what she's need to build her immune system but they are not the ones caring for a sick child who can easily end up in the hospital

    1. You totally get where I am coming from Jackie! You just never know what parents are dealing with.


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