Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Post: Modern Dads Review by Joey Lerma

It took me over a year but I finally got my husband to write a guest post for us! 

Joey Lerma is a stay-at-home Dad. He spends part of his days potty training his 3 year old daughter and homeschooling his 8 year old daughter; the other part working on a horse ranch. Plus, he has a beard that would make the Duck Dynasty guys jealous. Yes he is as amazing as he sounds. Take it away Joey.....

When I heard that there was a show on A&E called Modern Dads I thought "hey I'm one of those, let me check this out!" I set the dvr to record the show because who watches live tv anymore? I hit play and the show starts out like I'm about to watch the world's most deadliest jobs with the intro talking about how everyday is a life or death situation, blood sweat and tears, and if your mind wanders for two seconds someone gets killed. The theme song for the show talks about having "swag" calling their minivans "whips", and the moms paying the bills. Once I got through the theme song I almost didn't watch the show but I stuck with it.

Now to intro the dads. First there's Nathan: he's a first-time dad and admittedly he's a crier and his son Cormac makes him a better dad and more emotional. Next is Stone: who is a single dad, according to this reality show, he is good looking, I think I can tell what a good looking guy looks like and I don't believe him to be one. The show puts him out there to be the stud of the group and all around ladies man. Then there is Sean: who is "the funny guy" who is sort of step dad to two girls. Last is Rick: the veteran dad, he has four kids and nothing can scare him.

This show makes stay at home dads look like they have to "man up" every little task. In a recent episode they are given the task of planning twin one year olds birthday party. They want to make the cakes look like small cities and dress the girls up like Godzilla. It's then decided they will have a medieval theme (princess). The funny dad decides to build a stock but can't even operate some basic tools so his girlfriend has to finish it for him while he has a tea party with the girls. I wouldn't be surprised to see future episodes with the dads power washing the kids clean and duct taping the kids in their car seats.

I considered myself a stay at home dad, until I watched this show! If this is how stay at home dads are perceived, I don't want to be in their company. I am a stay at home parent, I have changed countless diapers, cleaned up vomit, bathed, fed, dressed, and taught my two girls that they can do and be anything they want. This is what any stay at home mom or dad should do.  We don't always do things the right way but we figure things out together as parents. So that's my two cents on this show, I don't have high hopes for it but I will give it another chance. In the end it's like all reality shows "scripted".

Joey Lerma is the father to 2 daughters and is not looking forward to their teenage years. He enjoys MMA fighting and Clippers basketball, but as the only male in the house, he is forced to watch way more Kardashians than he is comfortable with. He is married to HerMamas co-creator Elissa Lerma and you can follow along with all their adventures at Punk Rock Parents.


  1. I smell a Pulitzer. That was awesome.

  2. Loved this, Joey! You rock! These shows are set up to entertain and get a laugh or two. And, they do, at the expense of the Dad. They do a HUGE injustice to men who are stay at home dads and dads that are actively involved with raising their children every single day.

    My husband hasn't seen this show. He'd be so offended! He was actively involved in raising our children every single day.

    Joey, you should start your own blog: trying to think of a catchy title but can't come up with anything. "A Real Dad" doesn't quite do it. ;)

    Really enjoyed hearing from you. :)

    Sherry P.

  3. Joey you're such a great poppa! Maybe when they cast for super dads you'll be a shoe in!


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