Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guest Post: The Fab5: 5 Girlfriends Who Stay Connected Through Their Blog!

People start blogs for lots of reasons. Some are looking for a community, some are looking to make money. But when 5 friends got together and decided to start a blog the did it as a way to keep the bond between them strong. I think that is a great reason to start blogging.

Who makes up the Fab5? Tell us a little bit about you?

Adri: There's me Adrianna, but everyone calls me Adri. The oldest of the group, by a couple months. You would probably find me on Pinterest, looking for my next project. I love to make things, food, decorations, clothes. Ahh yes, in my dreams I'm this high-end fashion designer, in real life far from it. I love to read, reading helps me escape life. I think I'm a home-body, but I do love to go out and be adventurous once in a while. Though hard to admit (not sure why) I’m a hopeless romantic.:)

Gina: I'm Gina! I'm currently in Law School trying to make my way in the world. I love to be out and about, but right now I am currently living in the library. My dream is to work in the public interest field doing immigration law. My favorite poem is the rose that grew from concrete by Tupac & I love hip hop and R&B music. I'm from/currently in Southern CA.

Deb: Then you have ME, Deb! I am on a mission! I have this vision of who I want to be and my goal is to achieve it. I am passionate, super motivated, I am day dreamer, and a performer. I am DRAMATIC, gawd that was hard to admit. I have a strong personality, pretty sassy, but I also love very hard. I have this unsettling feeling that I can achieve greatness in every sense of the word, and my anxieties stem from an inability to control a lot of situations that I fear can deter me...

Brenda: I'd like to think of myself as a free spirited, open minded, and down to earth kind of gal. I love trying new things and going on adventures. I love traveling and would one day like to backpack through South America.

Evette: I’m Evette, I wouldn't know how to describe myself in one word but I’ll try to give you a little bit about me. I love music and watching live bands do what they do best. I enjoy drinking in the woods and going to music festivals. I love tights and funky glasses and you’ll always see a big smile on my face and mostly with lipstick on! I am a Virgo and I’m really big on astrology. I currently live in Los Angeles County but I’m more of a city girl and thrive to live in downtown where bars are located steps away. I love shoes and I live in flats, it’s rare that you'll see me in sneakers. I have been told that I date all the wrong men but what can I say? I like to have fun!!

Why did all you decide to start up a blog?

Deb: After having these girls day in and day out to lean on, perhaps even sometimes taking it for granted unknowingly not having it, finding myself navigating some of this stuff on my own just became really lonely and difficult. I really needed to touch base with my girls to keep myself sane, as sane as I can be.
Brenda: After we all graduated, I kind of felt a void by not having my close friends around. I was roommates with Deb and Gina at one point. And ways slept over Adri and evey's place. We were all so close to each other in proximity that it was too much of a change moving back home. So starting a blog helps me keep connected with some of my dearest friends.

Evette: We decided to start a blog because we can no longer just show up at each other’s places or sleepover to talk about our boy drama and just everyday things. We all have shared beds at one point in time and we have shared a big chunk of our lives together. These girls helped me out of my darkest days and were there to smack me into reality when I needed it. We have been too busy to return each other’s’ texts because they’d just be way too long. Its crazy but in a blog you can read it and not feel interrupted by whatever it is that is going on around you. It’s like sleepover nights all over again.

What kind of blog is Fab5?

Adri: I don't know how to describe the blog. The 5 of us are completely different from each other, and that is why we complement each other so well. So here in the blog, you will hopefully find something and someone you can relate to. It's a baby blog for now, we just started but I think we have covered a lot of things happening in our lives now.

Deb: it's a reality show blog. lol. It is a trailblazer, it is 5 young latinas on the pursuit of happiness, is it how to? More like a how dont! Is it a fashion blog, yes we all have our diff styles I guess. Is it an advice column? YEAP, we are pretty opinionated, let me TELL YOU! IT'S NEWS WORTHY! bahaha JK. It is just realness.

Evette: A blog where we tell you about our lives... Its raw, it’s emotional and everyone’s story is different. It’s like an Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, Amores Perros) movie at the end… all the stories tie into each other and every one affects everyone else’s lives.

What do you love most about blogging?

Adri: What I love about blogging, and this blog is that I feel connected to me friends again. At Berkeley we would see each other practically every day, and I enjoy coming to the blog at the end of the day to read my friends thoughts, how little or big they are.

Gina: I love to see what's going on and it reminds me of being in school and just sitting in a circle and talking about random stuff.

Deb: I like that its an outlet, I really miss talking to them, I miss being involved in someone else's life. I miss the listening. I missed my friends. The blog also has shown me that we are all working simultaneously in diff areas towards the same goal. We want to be happy, we want to grow, and we want to love.

Describe Fab5 Adventures in 5 words?

Adri: Entertaining! Fabulous! Diverse! Craziness! full-of-love.
Gina: Amazing! Love! Girls! Happy Place!
Deb: Cray, CUTE, Human, Sassy, therapeutic
Brenda: Honest, lively, fbgm, fun, funny
Evette: Our struggles make our friendship.

This is us: five completely different women in completely different parts of California, and in different parts of life. Somehow, we all come back to each other. And we love sharing our thoughts here at our blog. Thank you HerMamas for letting us into your space!! We love your blog!! 

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