Friday, September 6, 2013

Currently Obsessed!

Just a few of the things we can't get enough of....


  • Royals by Lorde: I must listen to this song on the average about 20 times a day. I love the slow tempo of this jam. And the lyrics are amazing. "We're driving cadillacs in our dreams". In a society that is celebrity obsessed this song is a reminder that I am not a Kardashian, but who cares. 
  • Sweet Tea: I have to admit it, I am a sucker for McDonald's sweet tea. Over the last few weeks we have been trying to perfect a homemade sweet tea recipe in our house. We are so close to sweet tea recipe perfection!
  • Duck Dynasty:  I am late to the Duck Dynasty game. This show has just started its 4th season on A&E and I so wish I would have gotten hooked sooner. First off my husband and his beard could fit right in with the Robertson clan. Besides the silly situation they find themselves in what I love about this show is that it's positive. People are not fighting or backstabbing or getting drunk and arrested. Instead this is a close-knit family who love each other and like to be around each other. What a concept! 
  • Breaking Bad: This is the last season to enjoy this incredible show.  I've been pretty addicted since I started watching some years ago. The drama on this show can be so intense and I really appreciate the evolution of all of the characters. Great writing, too. I'm sure I'll be obsessed up until the final second of the final scene AND I can't wait!
  • Wake Me Up: I just love the lyrics and up tempo beat to this new Avicii song. I recently went on a sweet vacation with my husband where we found ourselves listening to this song on repeat, somehow it now always reminds me of the excitement of a great vacation and my honey! I just love how music has the power to do that.
  • Social Media: As I often say, "I live on SOCIAL MEDIA." If you don't like my chronic IG photo posts, Facebook status updates/check-ins and weekly blogging fits then you can immediately unfollow (unfriend) me. I put everything on the internet as a scrapbook of sorts. I often look back on posts and photos fondly and in an odd way I feel like I'd be missing so many amazing moments of my life if they weren't captured in that one moment in time. I'm a social media lover and obsessed probably for the long haul. I make NO APOLOGIES for that!
There you have it... our current obsessions, now, share YOURS!


  1. Love this!!!

    Elissa: Loving the song too, the bff introduced this song to us and now I'm obsessed too!!
    You must post the sweat tee recipe once it is perfection. Yum!!

    Irene: I'm also loving this song!! And hear a lot about Breaking Bad, but never watched, I wonder if its on Netflix. heheh. I also find myself looking at old pictures on FB and reminisced on all the good times. :)

    1. Adrianna, you're in LUCK! I believe every previous season is on Netflix! Enjoy :)


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