Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colors For Fall

Fall is finally here! And as the leaves changes so do the "it" colors of the season. This season we are seeing a trend of darker, richer and bolder colors. You will start to see these colors in beauty and clothes. Some of my favorites....

  • Metallic- metals like chrome and copper are a great way to add some shine.
  • Grey- possibly influenced by 50 Shades of Grey? I love this color, it pairs so well with lots of great colors like yellow and turquoise. 
  • Navy- everything nautical is so trendy right now. A deep navy blue is a great way to keep on trend.
  • Emerald- I am a little bias by this color, it's my daughters' birthstone. Great deep green. 
  • Chocolate - back in my early 20's I was in love with brown nail polishes. I owned every shade you could imagine. I am very glad to see it's back. 
  • Plum- a deep purple and magenta mix that will look fantastic on a crisp fall night. 
  • Gold- I am so in love with gold right now. I can't wait to add some gold pieces to my wardrobe! 
So tell us, how do you change your look when the weather changes? 
What fall trends are you looking forward to? 
Or not looking forward to? 

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