Friday, September 13, 2013

Co-sleeping with a grade schooler

I know I'm not alone. Kids love sleeping with their parents and I don't just mean parents co-sleeping with an infant. I have a seven year old who is desperate to sleep with me nightly. It's amazing how much little ones love the connection of sleeping with parents. There's just nothing better than a nightly cuddle and I get that. Sadly, as much as I love that he's always insisted on sleeping in our bed, this issue was for a long time a nightly battle. Bedtime was always something I dreaded because my oldest would insist, nag and whine about how he was desperate to sleep with us (well, me). My husband is part of this by default.

To regain some control over this nightly situation we settled on offering my son a deal. First, he gets to sleep with us every Tuesday. Next, he can't complain about not sleeping in our bed Wed-Mon., and if he does, the Tuesday deal is off. This one night as a give in really aided in the nightly battle of having our son whine and complain about not being able to sleep in mom's bed. We also make sure to spend time unwinding nightly and reading books to allow for that connection my kiddo is craving. 

Mom and kid Tuesday nights sleepovers have been a good compromise and I now have my three year old in on the action. As soon as she could comprehend what was going on she wanted in. I also have a two year old so I get the feeling I may just one day spend every Tuesday in bed with three kids! Could that really be my life in a year or so sleeping with a 3,4 and 8 year old? The answer is yes and honestly I'm okay with it since one day when these kids are teenagers I'm confident sleeping with mom and dad will be a lame thing of the past. But until then, I need to upgrade to a California-king size bed and enjoy every millisecond of my kiddos' desire to co-sleep with their momma.

Have you have to struggle with a bedtime routine that includes a child desperately avoiding sleeping solo, in their own bed? If so, tell us, how'd you wean your little tyke(s)?


  1. Our struggle is not with our little one sleeping in our bed but her needing one of us to fall asleep with her in her bed. Every night one of us has to lay in bed with her until she falls asleep. I know the simple answer can be for her to sleep in our bed but my husband and I like it to be our space, where we can sleep without feet in our faces and that swinging arm lol! We haven't yet found a solution but I'm okay with it because all she wants is that cuddle time ;)
    My mom actually has this same struggle, only my brother is now 10 and is barely starting to sleep in his own bed! It's been hard for her because he is so used to it. We always joke that he will still be sleeping with mom even on his wedding night lol but i think as long as the parent is okay with it than it fine. Because once they get older they will want to spend less and less time cuddling.

  2. I forgot to mention, I would still sleep with my mom in her bed as a teenager now and than...and I turned out perfectly fine ;) as least i like to think I did lol!

  3. Uh-oh. Haven't weaned. [hangs head in shame.] We've made some half-hearted attempts. Including all of us bedding down in our son's trundle bed -- me and the boy in the twin; dad in the pullout -- to get our son used to sleeping in his room. But then one of us goes out of town and the other finds it easier just to bed down in the Big Bed. And the whole thing unravels. I have a feeling we're gonna let it slide. The boy won't be a teen sleeping in our bed. (We hope!) -- Norine of Science Of Parenthood


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