Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alone Time

We got a wedding invitation for my husbands best friends nuptials in Sin City. At the bottom of the invite it very nicely stated that kids were not allowed at the wedding. My husband and I used the wedding as an excuse to take an extended vacation, away from our kids. Since becoming parents in 2005, my husband and I have only left the kids for an overnight trip twice.

As parents we are very lucky to have never had to put our children in daycare. They have been with us since day one. And since we live far from family we don't do things like date night. We are with our kids 24/7. Now before I get to the next part let me say it (type it?) out loud, we love our kids more than life, but.....

4 days in Las Vegas without them was AMAZING! We went to a night club and had drinks! We stayed out late. We ate at a fancy steak place. We slept in.  We blasted the air conditioner in our room. But even better, after having just a little alone time. Time where we didn't have to worry about all the things that come with having kids with you, I found we were holding hands, laughing more, flirting more and even some PDA! 

This trip was a really big reminder for me that alone time once in awhile is essential. It gives couples a chance to remember what they were like before the stresses of parenthood. Our normal routine is centered around our children, and I believe that while our kids are little that is the way it should be. But it is also important to take some time once in awhile to put the parenting mindset aside and enjoy some alone time.

Do you make alone time a priority in your relationship? 
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  1. How fun! Like you, we've never had our kids in daycare and our life revolves around them! My husband and I are very lucky to have family in town (we live in Las Vegas, of all places) so date nights happen every few months. We also take 1 3-4 day trip around anniversary without the kiddos. It's so important to have our time to reconnect as a couple. I hope you and your hubby get to do it again soon...but not too soon ;)

  2. I totally agree, alone time is essential. My hubby and I spent my Birthday(back in June lol) in Santa Monica for the day, just us 2 and it was great. We were holding hands, kissing. It's easy to forget about all the lovey Dovey stuff when you're busy with kids and work. Glad you guys had fun!


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