Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Hard Look at Postpartum Depression: Dark Side of the Full Moon

What happens when what is suppose to be the happiest time in your life just doesn't feel that way? Postpartum depression is a very real and can be a very scary thing. A new documentary called "Dark Side of the Full Moon" takes a look at how common and even how severe these mental disorders can be. This film also looks into options for women who are suffering from them. There is a general lack of knowledge on the subject, as well as a lack of resources for women to turn to.

All 3 women who worked on this film together went through their own battles with anxiety and postpartum depression. They knew that their stories needed to be told. This illness affects not only the women who suffer through it, but also their spouses and especially their children.


Along with the film you can visit the website to read the stories of survivors. Real life stories from real people all over the country. You can even share your story if you are so inclined. By sharing stories women are putting a face to this illness and showing the world just how common this is, and what women need to survive it.

As a Mom I know the pressure that comes with the idea that you are suppose to be able to do it all. The mentality that everyone elses needs come before your own, even if you are silently suffering. It is hard to admit that you need help and when help is hard to find where do women turn?

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