Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I decided to get married... AGAIN!

I married the man of my dreams the first time around. He was kind and patient. It was everything fairytales were made of. We were so in love. And we still are! So we're getting married... again! 

This time however we'll finally have that religious ceremony we never got around to the first-time. I'll be honest, planning a religious ceremony after having being married 7 years leaves me feeling less like a young lover and more like the sensible and thrifty wife/mother I've become. Some might even say there's no reason to get married again and I've even had family members comment, "what's the point?" 


We are faithful. We want our union to receive the blessing it is meant to have. My husband and I were raised Catholic, we're raising our children Catholic and after years of baptisms, confirmations and catechism classes, something was always missing... our sacrament of HOLY MARRIAGE! When we ran off to Maui after a few weeks of prep and with only our maid-of-honor in tow, the first time, I suppose we were being young and carefree. We didn't consider how critical our religion had always been to us. Yet as the years went on, we yearned for more and more. We yearned for a union under the eyes of God, as Catholics would say.

We are thriving. My husband and I are often seen as a perfect couple and we are everything but that. We bicker, we battle and during the first two years of marriage we actually went through some of the toughest times of our lives and marriage. But we're still here. Three children later, stronger than ever and still very much in love. We grew up together during the beginning of our marriage and through many failures we came out of the other end feeling so proud of our union, our shared ideals and our ability to become better people. We're ready to celebrate our love and faithfully re-commit to it.

We are surrounded by LOVE. They say it takes a village to raise children well the same goes for successful marriages. My husband and I come from great families, but those family members were never considered during round one. We ran off without our parents (which includes my devoutly Catholic mother), without our siblings, and closest friends. Looking back on it, we were so in love, and we just didn't think about their role in our lives. Today, we want a new chance at celebrating our marriage with everyone that has graciously been a part of it. Finally, my mother will walk me down the aisle. My sister and brothers will watch their little sister marry a man who deeply loves her, and above all, our three young children will share in our love, take on touching roles and watch their parents practice what they preach when it comes to our faith. 

Simply, we're blessed! We get to do it again and we can't wait.

What's your take on vow renewals?
How important is a civil wedding vs. religious nuptials? 
Leave us a comment or simply congratulate this HerMama on her 2nd wedding!

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  1. Congrats on renewing your vows. I think it's a significant symbol of your love and faith...and this time you will have guests to witness it! That is very exciting! will have 'your' day with the gown, glam, guests, food, cake, and most of all....LOVE. Gus and I eloped the first time around and we will be renewing our vows in front of family and friends next year.


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