Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stop... And Enjoy This Moment - Guest Post by Linda Alvarado

Linda Alvarado has spent the last year raising a wonderfully curious and sweet little girl. As long as HerMamas.com has existed so has Linda's stint at motherhood. So it feels quite perfect to have Linda submitting her first guest post to HerMamas.com. Today, Linda shares a dilemma that many-a-mommas can relate to. Here's her dilemma: 

I speak the words “I can’t wait” all too often.  I use those words when looking forward to vacations, birthdays, weddings, and approaching births.  I often fail to stop and enjoy this moment.  The moment I am currently standing in. Why am I always in a rush to get to the next big event, when I should really absorb all that ‘this’ moment has to offer?  Excitement is the only thing that comes to mind, honestly. 

When I was pregnant I couldn't wait to meet our baby.  I was so excited to see what she looked like – and who she looked like.  Once she arrived I couldn't wait to hold her – understandably.  However, I had to wait…hours.  I was in recovery (from a C-section) for hours, which seemed like the entire day.  Simultaneously I couldn't wait for everyone else to meet our new baby. I then found myself looking forward to leaving the hospital to go home. Again, this was understandable, as I was propped up in an uncomfortable hospital bed with nurses waking me up and prodding at me every few hours, for nearly one week. 

Once I was home I couldn't wait to be able to sleep.  Someone forgot to mention to me that wasn't going to happen anytime soon!  Oops! My hopes were crushed and I was exhausted.  EXHAUSTED.  I was limited to sleeping, um, resting on the couch because I was unable to get onto our bed (it was too high).  I couldn't wait until the baby was able to sleep longer, so I could sleep more.  Then I couldn't wait until the baby was old enough to hold up her head so I wouldn't feel so nervous or scared to hold her. A plethora of I can’t wait feelings soon followed.  I couldn't wait for the baby to smile, sleep in her crib, laugh, sit up, eat rice cereal, crawl, eat baby food, eat solid food, stand, walk…and so forth. 

Reflecting back, I was always so excited, proud and happy that our baby conquered a new milestone, then I couldn’t wait to get to the next big milestone, with excitement. However, I feel as though I missed out a little on enjoying that current milestone and everything the baby had to offer during that time.  Here we are nearly one year later and I am in disbelief how quickly time has gone by and all of the milestones she has conquered.  In a matter of weeks she will be one year old.  ONE YEAR OLD.  I am happy and sad at the same time.  I am happy she is developing properly, healthy, and she is an incredibly happy baby.  However, I am sad time has gone by so fast and I was so often looking forward instead of right in front of me, because she is growing up so quickly.  Before, I couldn't wait for the next big thing, but as her next big event (turning one year old) approaches I realize I can wait and I need to stop looking forward so I am able to fully enjoy this moment while it is here. Enjoy our baby, today!  I have learned to change my frame of mind from 'I can’t wait' to ‘stop (time) and enjoy this moment’, famous words spoken by well-known singer Pitt Bull. I am so excited to spend the day with her and see what new things she does today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month...  TODAY. 

So can you relate to Linda's story?
How do you strive to stay in the moment... something so many parents have a hard time with.
Comment below! 


Linda Alvarado is a mommy of one, MSW who resides in Lakewood, CA. and is obsessed with using chapstick. 

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