Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Screen Time

I remember when my daughter was 3 and it was hard to get her to sit through a whole movie. Now that my kid is 8 we have the exact opposite problem. I can't get her face away from a screen. Between TV, Nintendo 3ds, desktop, DVD in the car and her tablet screen time is out of control. We recently had to set a rule that she couldn't walk around with her face in a screen.

This issue slowly crept up on us and we are struggling to find ways to limit screen time. Along with the fact that she is just sitting there all day, we have noticed that she is more moody and doesn't listen to us as well as she used to. With school starting it is time to set some rules and really enforce them. Here is our game plan...

  • Use the parental controls on her Kindle fire to limit her total time on it. I love the Free Play option the Kindle Fire has. I am able to set daily limits for apps, and videos while keeping reading books unlimited!
  • Change the WiFi password weekly. I saw this great idea on Pinterest. By changing the password we can set up ways for our daughter to earn it! It can be chores, homework, an art project or even outdoor play. 
  • Make certain areas of the house and certain times a screen free zone. For example no screens at the dinner table. 
  • Be a better example. I know that my daily screen time is ridiculous and there are many times when I don't practice what I preach. I need to put down my own phone and tablet more often. 
Is screen time an issue in your house? 
How to you deal with setting limits?

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  1. Great post! Screen time is a huge issue for us and something I blog about frequently! Here is a recent post about some screen-time jars that I made! So happy to find your blog through Pinterest! XO, ellie



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