Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pros and Cons of Having Children at Weddings

As a mother of three, when I renewed my vows this past weekend I knew children would be in attendance. Still, I was weary about children on board and this wasn't about unexpected behaviors, but mostly because our reception was aboard a sailing yacht!

I got beyond this detail and then thought about the pros and cons of inviting small children. And I'll be clear, my vote is to include the kiddos, but do carefully consider the cons.

1. Uncontrollable noises and behaviors; yes a child may have a full on tantrum on the dance floor during your first dance. It could happen!
2. Adult guests may have a tough time enjoying themselves fully due to potty beaks, diaper changes and the usual child-care necessities.
3. Children are counted as adults at most venues, so sure you can usually pay less to feed small children, but they make up part of the total guest count.  Ten babies is the same as ten adults.

However, no matter the amount of cons one could come up with, children are more and more common at weddings this day in age and there's fun ways to turn their attendance into big pros:

1. Parents don't have to worry about finding a sitter. Kids are welcome!
2. Reception could include family-friendly details like games in a child specific area i.e. child-sized tables, chairs with coloring books, stickers and more. For our wedding, I only brought items that were easy clean up... Dress-up toy kits (doctor/princess), puzzles, card games, checkers, etc. You can really play up a theme here!
3. Kids add such a lovely element of cuteness and love to any wedding! Tiny tuxedos and tiaras lead to amazing photo ops and plenty of "oohhs and awwws".

Now you tell us, yay or nay on a kid-friendly reception? 
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