Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Make-Up Artist Marisol Marquez: Sharing Her Tips and Showing Us Her WORK!

I recently got my make up done to attend a friend's wedding. I heard about an amazing make-up artist who did very affordable house-calls and more significantly she also did hair and was GOOD! Check out my before and after (keep in mind I was going for a dramatic look, why the heck not?)...
Now maybe we can't always wake up, roll out of bed and get dolled up like a Kardashian, but we can definitely do-it-ourselves. I asked Ms. Marquez to share some key make-up tips with and here's what she had to say:

  • Please please please ladies keep your skin moisturized at all times. Moisturized skin is the best foundation to any makeup. I recommend using vitamin E oil on your face before bed time, wash it off in the morning and apply a moisturizer with sunblock protection. I like Cetaphill and Olay moisturizers myself. 
  • When choosing a foundation for yourself, keep in mind that testing on your hand isn't exactly the best place to match your skin tone. Test out foundations based on your neck's tone. You want your foundation to look natural and non existent, not like a painted on layer. A color that fades away into your neck's tone.
  • If you have fine lines of expression marks on your skin, it is best to avoid too much powder, shimmer, glitters, and thick make up. These products will either crack making your lines more visible or reflect light making them more noticeable. Instead opt for matte shades and tones in eyeshadows and blushes.
  • And finally instant achieve instant healthy youth full looking skin by applying a bit of bronzer or tinted moisturizers. Darker tones hide fine lines, make skin seem firmer, tighter and over all youthful.
  • Best place to apply bronzer is under your cheekbones blending it upward to the sides of your forehead, blending a bit into our hair line, defining your jaw line and blending it down your neck and last but not least... on the sides of your nose to give you an even sun kissed look.

Is a 24 year old UCSB alumni freelance makeup artist and hairstylist 
attempting to takeover L.A. one brush stroke at a time. 
For an appointment contact her directly.
Click her name to go to her Facebook page and contact information.

Share your favorite make up tips & leave us a comment.

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